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Ad Campaign Tracking Keyword Spy Keyword Spy Checker
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Page Strength SEOInsites Planet Ocean
Domain Age We Build Pages Age of top 100 Websites with Backlinks Tool
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Common Backlinks Tool
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Deep Link Ratio Analysis
Link Popularity Market Leap Link Popularity Checker
Keyword Rank Verifier Market Leap Keyword Rank Verifier

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Robot Simulation We Build Pages Spider Viewer

Keyword Density Analysis

Keyword Density Analysis We Build Pages Keyword Density Analysis Tool
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Keyword Density Analysis Article Underground AUGDAT

Sitemap Tools

Sitemap Generator We Build Pages Sitemap Tool (ROR)
Google Sitemap Generator Google Generator

Other Tools

Code To Text Ratio SEO Chat Code-To-Text-Ratio
Robots.txt Analyzer Motoricerca Robots.txt Checker
HTML Validator W3C W3C Validator

Description of Some of the Above Tools

C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool This tool investigates the links pointing to a website (backlinks), and groups them according to the C-Class IP addresses they come from. For example, if one backlink comes from and another comes from, they would be grouped together. Backlinks coming from the same C-Class IP are most likely hosted by the same company, which may lower the site's search engine ranking.
Common Backlinks Tool Type in up to 10 domains. We will find the backlinks for each domain, and then show the external domains that link to at least two of the sites you entered.
Top Competitor Tool This tool shows the top domains for a particular keyword in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Internal and External Link Title This tool is to check the Title tags of all the internal links on a URL AND the Title tags of all the External links on those pages
Age of top 100 Websites with This tool is to check age and Yahoo backlinks of the top 100 domains in Google under your specified Keyword or phrase
Deep Link Ratio Analysis This tool was created to analyze how the deep link ratio of a site affects its rank in search engines.  We can use this tool to compare the DLRs for the best ranking sites for a search phrase. For each phrase you enter, this tool will calculate the deep link ratio of the top 10 search results. A website's backlinks are the links to it from different sites. A website's deep link ratio is the comparison of the number of backlinks that go to pages under the top level of the website to the total number of backlinks for the entire website.  For example, if 10 backlinks for a site point toward the top index page, and 90 backlinks point somewhere else inside the site, then the site has a 90% DLR because 90 out of 100 links are deep inside the site.

To find the website's deep link ratio, we calculate:
DLR =     Total backlinks - Number of backlinks to the top level of the website    x  100%

Total backlinks
Search Combination Tool In each list, please enter a group of words or phrases that are related. For example, list one could be a group of colors, and list two could be a group of things. This tool will generate all possible combinations of the two lists, with one phrase coming from list one, and one phrase coming from list two. The phrase from list one will always come first in the combination.
Google link:http://www.namehere.com  The LINK query is used to check how many sites are linking to your site. Or, in Google language, backlinks. Google and the other engines place a heavy emphasis on this, and that has an impact on the search engine rankings. The syntax for this is "link:http://www.namehere.com." When this query is used on Google, only the links indexed by Google will show in the results. 
Google site:http://www.namehere.com If you want to see how many pages of your site have been indexed by Google then use the SITE query. The syntax is "site:http://www.namehere.com."
Google yoursearchphrase site:http://namehere.com The SITE query will also find a specific term you're looking for within a site. For example, if I want to find where the word "dynamic" is mentioned on namehere.com, then I would use the search syntax: "dynamic site:http://www.namehere.com."
Google inurl:www.namehere.com yoursearchword If you are looking for a specific phrase on one site, then the INURL query is useful. The syntax is: "allurl:www.namehere.com validation."  That will produce all of the site's pages with the word "validation" in the URL. 
If you are looking for a particular keyword within the title tag of a site, then the correct search query is "intitle: www.namehere.com" 
Google allinurl:http://www.namehere.com yoursearchphrase string" The allinurl and allintitle are variations of the above search queries. These are helpful if you are looking for a string of keywords in a site or title tag. The syntax for these queries is: "allinurl:namehere.com dynamic pages." Using that search query will only produce documents that have "dynamic" and "pages" in the URL. However, INURL will return the same results.
Link Popularity Checker Marketleap Link Popularity Checker has designed this link popularity tool to help search engine optimizers and online marketers to not only find out who is linking to your site, but to also run a benchmarking report to show you quickly where you stand in comparison to competitors and other major online players.
Keyword Rank Verifier Marketleap Keyword Verifier is a verification tool that checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a certain keyword. The reason we only check the top 3 pages is because most queries don't go past the 3rd page of search results.

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