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Are Pages Indexed? Go to just about any search engine and type The search engine will then tell you how many of your pages it has indexed.
Position in Google? No need to waste time clicking through hundreds of Google search results looking for your site. This tool allows you to enter a keyword and a domain name, and it searches Google to see where your domain is positioned. Go to to download the setup file. Then just install.
What Sites Are Linking to You? Google News Alerts and Google Web Alerts will tell you who's linking to your site. Simply set up an alert to be notified when Google finds
Measuring Keyword Density To measure the density of the keyword phrases on your page, go to and type in the domain and keyword phrase you want to analyze. It'll give you a percentage for all the important parts of your page, including copy, title, meta keywords, meta description, etc. The higher the density the better.

How SE Friendly is Site?

Search engines send out spiders (or robots) to investigate your site. These tools allow you to see your site from the spider's point of view. - Enter your URL and it gives you a summary of the things you could improve.  Abakus Internet Marketing

Google Adwords Logo


Google Adwords Logo

AdWords Page and Log-in: Here
Adsense Page: Here
Adsense Tour: Quick Tour


Google Sitemaps

Google is now providing a service to help site owners help Googlebot. The new Sitemaps service assists Googlebot in traversing the content of your site. The most valuable benefit of the service is that it allows you to indicate when page content is updated as well as allowing you to explicitly indicate which pages you would like to have indexed. If you're technically savvy, there is a Sitemap Generator that will generate a sitemap based on the pages people visit that are contained in your log files. Learn more at Google:

Web Design, and HTML Tools

NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML

The NCSA has created a one-page, basic guide to understanding HTML. If you are first starting out, this is a great place to begin your journey.  NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML

Webmonkey HTML Authoring tends to be a more article heavy resource with practical explanations of concepts rather than simply explaining the mechanics of building an HTML web site.
Word Wide Web Consortium is the industry group that focuses on developing standards and trends for the web. Much of the material is more on the advanced side.  There are a number of advanced tutorials.  
W3C Validator Validator is a free service that helps to check your HTML coding for errors.  In can be useful, but see NetMechanic and HTML Kit below. 


NetMechanic offers a free tool to check your web site page.  Gives a great report on Code Errors, Browser Compatibility, Broken Links, and more. Easy to follow and make corrections fast.  Click on the link below for a screen capture.

NetMechanic Screen Capture of Output

Image Favicon from HTML Kit

A great tool for checking HTML code.  Gives a split window view of your code, and then gives you the corrections.  Can be intimidating to view all the content.  Many, many warnings are given per your specified W3C type.  This tool is FREE!  From HTML-Kit -

HTML Kit Screen Capture (Warning:  Large Image File) - The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners will automate your website's links pages saving you time and $. Perfect for any size website (even portals), features include automatic ftp so the links live on your server and are updated around the clock. No software downloads or installations are required so no setup headaches. If you are serious about the management of your exit links (or exit resources), and you want to drive more traffic to your site and increase your link popularity at the same time, take a look at by clicking the image at your left.
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