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SEO Software Tools Reviewed by First Webs, Inc.

The Internet has many great tools to make the tedious work of SEO go faster.  Below is a list of the ones we subscribe to.  As in any tool, results will vary from search engine to search engine.  We do not necessarily recommend these tools for your applications, nor do we have any reason to believe they are superior to new ones appearing every week.  We do not assume any liability or consequences because they have been listed on these pages. Picture of Toolkit; Not an SEO Toolkit but You Need One of Those Also

TheDowser logo

TheDowser.  One of the latest tools in keyword research.  Import Wordtracker data for analysis, research in Oveture, Google, and Enhance.  Check out this fantastic product.  View this page for more info.

Logo Wordtracker

Wordtracker is a popular tool amongst search engine optimizers.  Marketing on the web is all about search engine ranking.  Wordtracker helps you choose the right internet marketing keywords that will help your search engine placement and ranking. Use Wordtracker's 350 million plus word database for keyword research.  Fairly new to Wordtracker is Keyword Researcher - a tool to that replaces many of the old standbys like Simple Search, Precision Search, Comprehensive Search, and Misspelling Search.

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery (KD) from Trellian compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines world wide, to create a very powerful Keyword Research tool.  KD supports a very clean and simple user interface, while allowing one to obtain historical data as well.  KD has redefined the KEI from 1 to 10 in terms of a Richter scale.  It takes a little getting used to, but when combined with SEO ToolKit v2.0 one has a pretty powerful suite of tools that takes into account a whole lot more than just the traditional KEI found in other tools.

SEO ToolKit v2.0 has more than 15 separate SEO tools bundled in one package including a Rank Checker, Link Checker, and Submission Tool.  The more expensive Enterprise version allows Internet Marketers to use the tools on an unlimited number of domains.

Keyword Research Technology

KeywordSpy is a keyword search engine tool that generates keywords for ad campaigns in the most popular search engine sites in the Internet. KeywordSpy generates information by using keywords in identifying key competitors that may be advertising in the same search engine.

Keyword Spy provides instant access to over a billion keywords, as it has the most comprehensive keyword database today which is updated on a daily basis. KeywordSpy has 100 percent search results accuracy on keywords and instant downloading capabilities plus enhanced user interface for ease of use. With KeywordSpy one can create effective ad campaigns to increase business exposure and revenue by 100x over with just a few clicks.

Logo for Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa is a publishing house that provides great articles on business as well as SE.  When released, member subscribers are able to view research articles Free for about 10 days.  Then the articles are archived for paid purchase.

Logo Yahoo! Search Marketing (Previously Overture)

The Overture Advertising Center is a great source for preliminary research on keywords.  Now called Yahoo!Overture, this center is a must for PPC campaigns in Yahoo! Overture.  View keywords, keyword counts, and bids. 

Logo SEO Chat

Logo SEO Chat/Tools is a great site for website marketing, website promotion, technology, and SEO News.  They also have downloadable free tools - 14 of them in fact.  While they may not be as comprehensive as the better known tools, they are a "quick source" when you don't have access to your desktop.  For easy access, we've cut and pasted many of the tools into one page on this site.  Feel free to use them!

Logo GoogEdit

GoogEdit makes it easier to manage Google AdWord Lists. Taking in a keywords list, it cleans it up for use in AdWords campaigns:  removes invalid characters (quotes and brackets, leading, trailing, and doubled spaces), removes duplicates, makes all entries lower case, sorts the list.   Visit

Logo 5 Minutesite

Enter keywords you want to target, then a US ZIP code, a radius and other controls to generate a list of terms you can use to localize AdWords targeting. The terms created probably are useful for Yahoo, as well. However, be aware that both Google and Yahoo already give you some tools to localize without having to generate a list of keywords linked to cities. Possibly this tool is most useful if you don't want to make use of Google or Yahoo tools.    See  (from Search Engine May 27, 2005)

Logo GoLexa

Spotted via fantomaster, this is a very cool tool for site owners indeed. It brings back Google results and provides a ton of extra information about the pages listed. Want to see the pages indexed on each Google data center? Need WHOIS info for page? Want a simulation of how a search engine spider might see the page? Traffic data from Alexa? This and more is offered. Check out the About page for a fast rundown on everything.  Visit GoLexa at (from Search Engine May 27, 2005)

Logo URLTrends

At, this tool  lets you enter any URL and get back data about it, such as backlinks from major search engines and any trend data about link popularity and other factors it may have accumulated. It appears that if someone researches a URL, that URL is then automatically monitored. 

Logo HTML Validator Firefox/Mozilla

HTML Validator is a Mozilla extension that adds HTML validation inside Firefox and Mozilla.  See it at  Although you don't need to have your html code validated to get ranked, this tool will let you check for html errors - which we all know could lead to search engine indexing problems. 

Newsletters and Subscription Services on SEO/SEM

Logo AMA

The AMA (American Marketing Association) newsletter at offers search engine marketing and industry news.  A great source!  Join the AMA and subscribe to a number of valuable Special Interest Group forums.

Logo Search Engine News from Planet Ocean

Planet Ocean's Search Engine News provides very helpful tools, tips, and articles in pdf for the webmaster and search engine optimizer.

Logo Internet Search Engine Database

Internet Search Engine Database offers great content, tools, and an RSS feed on recent news.  Their feed is on this site.  Go to Overview and click on the link in the orange box on the upper right.
Logo Search Engine Watch Logo ClickZ
Search Engine Watch news by Danny Sullivan and related ClickZ SEO/SEM articles are recognized as one of the oldest and most valuable subscriptions for tips and accurate information.

Icon Pandia News Feed

Pandia news feed in RSS format.  Headlines from major search engine news.  On this site, go to Overview and click on the link in the orange box on the upper right.

Icon Web Marketing Today

Web Marketing Today by Ralph Wilson is a great source for simple to read, understandable concepts on almost any subject on the Internet marketing.  Ralph offers a content packed annual newsletter subscription Web Marketing Today Premium.  It's well worth the investment!  The Wilson Web Marketing Info Center contains links to 13,000+ articles and resources about every imaginable aspect of e-commerce and Internet Marketing.

Logo Outfront Forum

Thomas Brunt's Outfront forum and offers the FrontPage Webmaster Community many reasons to come back and browse their listings.  Many, many archived tips on using FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, MySQL/PHP, and more.  Need database help?  You can find it here!

Logo PowWeb Forums

The PowWeb forum at is a great source for webmaster tools and tips.  PowWeb provides quality, value hosting running on Unix (Apache) systems. Check them for your small business hosting needs.  PowWeb is your source of the open sourced OSCommerce eStore. 

Other Useful and Mostly Free Tools for SEO Work

Advanced Web Ranking:  Advanced Web Ranking is a tool that will help you check your web site position on all major search engines. It saves you hours of tedious work while monitoring your web site's search engine position.

Axandra Search Engine Submission Software:  Axandra develops top-rated software tools for search engine submission, web page optimization and link popularity. Free downloads available.

Marketleap:  Offers free search engine marketing tools. Check link popularity, keyword verification, and number of pages you have indexed in search engines.

SEO Help:  Free search engine optimization tutorial, glossary, internet marketing articles and freeware. Offers free affiliate link "cloaker" and AdWords keyword permutation generator.

Seotie:  Monitors site inclusions into DMOZ and alternative directory structures and notified upon inclusion. Tracks infinite urls.

Webmaster Toolkit:  A collection of free online tools and resources for search engine optimizers, webmasters and web designers.

More SE Tools, Web Design, and HTML Tools Tool Kit #2

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