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Mostly Free and "Cool" Tools for SEO and Web Development Work


This tool list is provided for reference only. First Webs does not recommend any particular tool for YOUR use, and is not responsible in any way for your use of these tools.
Due to the dynamic nature of SEO and the Internet, we do make any attempt whatsoever to make keep this list current, and the URL's valid.  Feel free to email us if you discover a link is not working correctly!

Color Chart

Each color contains the hexadecimal values and the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Values.
Select a color and copy & paste the hexadecimal value into your HTML document.

Content Management

Content Seed makes virtually any site "live editable" in a matter of minutes. It's designed specifically for use with FrontPage Themes, Templates, and Components, so even new developers can add dynamic content management to their sites right from the FrontPage workspace.

Content Management

SnippetMaster is a free wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) content-editor tool for website owners who want a very easy, quick, and visual way to edit a pre-defined area on any web page through their browser without messing up the rest of the web page.

Directory Navigation

QCD provides fast directory navigation (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only) and graphical drive usage statistics (Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003). With fast directory navigation, you no longer need to type in those lengthy paths to get to some far-off directory. Just type in any name or partial name of a directory anywhere on your entire drive and QCD will take you straight there... fast!. If there is more than one match, QCD will display a list of possible directories, allowing you to choose.


This online service allows you to test Web pages to help expose and repair barriers to accessibility and encourage compliance with existing accessibility guidelines. It’s very important to make sure your Web pages are accessible for those who surf the Internet with disabilities.

DNS Lookup, Reverse

This service converts an IP address to the host name by searching domain name service tables.

DNS Report

Many domains have DNS problems. This handy site will help you find those problems and fix them by providing a DNS report for your domain.

Domain Stats Tool

This tool helps you get all kinds of statistics of your competitors domains. The statistics include PageRank, Backlink count, Alexa Taffic Rank, and Age of the domains.



Editor Removes Formatting

Have you ever copied some text from a web page, a word document, help, etc., and wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple. Just copy/cut whatever you want to the clipboard, click on the PureText tray icon, and then paste to any application.  Better yet, you can configure a hot-key to convert and paste the text for you.  The pasted text will be pure and free from all formatting.



Free Software

Free software (freeware) galore! This is a computer addict's paradise. Enjoy!http://www.webattack.com/ 

Google Future Rank

This tool will query Google's various data centers to check for any changes in PageRank values for a given URL. Usually all data centers will output the same, but if queried during an update, you might get a glimpse of any upcoming changes in your chosen URL's PageRank value.

Google Query #1, Site Been Indexed

Maybe you're wondering: What's wrong? Didn't my changes have any effect? Well, more than likely, nothing's wrong. Google just hasn't spidered and indexed your changes yet. You can know for sure by using an advanced query in Google by using the query operator: cache. The syntax would look like this in the Google search box:  "cache:www.namehere.com." http://publications.mediapost.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=32716  

Google Query #2, Linking to You

The LINK query is used to check how many sites are linking to your site. Or, in Google language, backlinks. Google and the other engines place a heavy emphasis on this, and that has an impact on the search engine rankings. The syntax for this is "link:http://www.namehere.com." When this query is used on Google, only the links indexed by Google will show in the results. If you want a more comprehensive list, Marketleap has a nice Link Popularity Tool where you can see the backlinks from other search engines' indexes. If you want to see how many pages of your site have been indexed by Google then use the SITE query. The syntax is "site:http://www.namehere.com." The SITE query will also find a specific term you're looking for within a site. For example, if I want to find where the word "dynamic" is mentioned on namehere.com, then I would use the search syntax: "dynamic site:http://www.namehere.com.

"link:http://www.namehere.com."  Sites Linking to You in Google 

Google Query #3, Phrases and Keywords in Title

If you are looking for a specific phrase on one site, then the INURL query is useful. The syntax is: "INURL:www.namehere.com validation." That will produce all of the site's pages with the word "validation" in the URL. If you are looking for a particular keyword within the title tag of a site, then the correct search query is "INTITLE:name" or "INTITLE:here."

The allinurl and allintitle are variations of the above search queries. These are helpful if you are looking for a string of keywords in a site or title tag. The syntax for these queries is: "allinurl:namehere.com dynamic pages." Using that search query will only produce documents that have "dynamic" and "pages" in the URL. However, INURL will return the same results.

Google Query #4, Misc

spell: will spell check your query and search for it.
stocks: will lookup the search query in a stock index.
filetype: will restrict searches to that filetype. "-filetype:pdf" to remove Adobe PDF files.
daterange: is supported in Julian date format only. 2452384 is an example of a Julian date.
maps: If you enter a street address, a link to Yahoo Maps and to MapBlast will be presented.
phone: enter anything that looks like a phone number to have a name and address displayed. Same is true for something that looks like an address (include a name and zip code)
site:www.somesite.net "+www.somesite.+net" - (tells you how many pages of your site are indexed by google)
allintext: searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title
allinlinks: searches only within links, not text or title


Google Rank by Keyword

The PageRank Search tool allows you to search Google using any keyword(s) you wish. It will then return, in order of Google relevance, the sites associated with those keywords. Each result displays a graphical bar with the PageRank of that particular site.

Google Rank y URL

You can check a PageRank for a website using the Google Toolbar (represented by a horizontal blue and grey bar). This tool streamlines the process, enter a list of URLs and it will return the PageRank value for each one.
About PageRank Google PageRank is a general representation of a website's popularity and is primarily based in link popularity. Website with a high PageRank value will tend to have more traffic and higher positions in search engines (although many other factors are also taken into consideration).

Google Searches

Use this advanced search tool to search The Mighty Google in virtually every way you can imagine, even in language- or country-specific searches. This handy tool is definitely one you’ll want to bookmark and come back to again and again.

Google Local - Find local businesses
Google Answers - Ask a question and pay a small amount to get an expert answer
Froogle - Shopping search engine, searches in online stores
Google Images
Google News
Google Scholar - Search academic literature like research papers, technical reports etc.
Google Catalogs - Search in mail-order catalogs
Google Translation
Personalized search
Google Preferences - Customize your search results, includes adult filter, language etc.
Top 1000 pages by PageRank - PR10 sites
Google Sets - Nice keyword research/inspiration tool
Google Suggest - While you type your search, see what other people have searched for. Good for keyword research.
Google Toolbar - Indispensable for frequent Google users
Googlerankings.com - Check your rankings in Google
Google Guide - Guide to advanced searches in Google including operators etc.

Ads by Goooooogle 


Free ASP and ASP.net Hosting 

















HTML Cheat Sheet

This HTML quick reference guide is excellent. All HTML tags with attributes and values are for XHTML 1.1, also known as HTML 4.01. Print out the guide and keep it beside your computer.

HTML Code Cleaner

Frontpage Code Cleaner will read the page you specify, and clean a lot of the un-needed code created by Microsoft Frontpage. This helps to shrink the size of the actual page, which has many benefits.

HTML Codes & Tag Charts

If you're looking for some HTML codes to spice up your web site, you've come to the right place. You will find a variety of HTML codes and tips below. Simply select the HTML code you'd like and copy and paste it into your web page.

HTML Coding

What are they? Bookmarklets are easy-to-use little programs that you can integrate into your browser to make your coding, debugging, and researching lives much easier. Give them a try!

HTML Coding Tools



HTML CSS Tutorial

Learn how Cascading Style Sheets can make your life as a search engine marketer much easier, and how it can help you clean up your source code. W3Schools provides an excellent CSS tutorial free of charge, complete with a lot of examples and quizzes.


If you're looking for some simple HTML codes to spice up your web site, you've come to the right place. You will find a variety of HTML codes and tips below. Simply click on the links and copy and paste the codes into your web page according to the instructions.

HTML Toolbox

HTML Toolbox provides affordable web site maintenance. Checks for broken links, HTML code errors, load time, spelling, browser compatibility and more.


ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. In order to display certain characters or symbols within your HTML pages, you must use a special ASCII code. The codes below display the HTML code and the character when displayed on your web page. To use any of the characters displayed within the ASCII codes chart, copy & paste the HTML code to the left of the character you would like to use.

HTML Web Pro Tools from Iconico

Many Others Available

WebTools Pro

WebTools Pro from www.iconico.com

Use the HTML developer's handy toolbox to run reports and analyze your HTML in ayriad of different ways.
HTML Text Extractor

HTML Text Extractor from www.iconico.com

Simply extract HTML and Text from any webpage, even those that have been protected.
Data Extractor

Data Extractor from www.iconico.com

Extract any data, including email addresses and URLs from your files and webpages.

Image Compression

GifBot will compress your GIF, JPEG, and animated GIF images by decreasing the file size without sacrificing the quality of the image. So, your pages load faster!http://www.netmechanic.com/accelerate.htm 

Image Development & Editing; Full Programs

Animation Shop for Gifs

Paint Shop Pro Version X; similar to PhotoShop but lots cheaper.  Very powerful, many features, all you ever need in web design.


Animation Shop has high-quality easy-to-use creative effects, features, and optimization options for Web graphic designers of every level. Whether used as a standalone application or as a complement to Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop gives you the ability to easily create buttons, banners, and other cool animations.

Image Editors


Image Optimizer Image Optimizer is designed to to prepare the best possible JPEG, GIF and PNG image files for the web. File size reductions of up to 50% or often much more are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times, reduce server load, reduce bandwidth charges and save on disk space.

XAT Image Optimizer  www.xat.com

Image Optimizer

JpegSizer offers a simple, fast and flexible method for resizing batches of image files for

  Email attachments

  Web pages

  Photo-sharing web sites

  Online photo-printing services

  eBay and other auction sites

  Slide shows

  Office documents and presentations

As well as resizing your photos, JpegSizer lets you add borders, captions and watermarks. The built-in emailer and web gallery builder put your resized images to work right away.

Image Editing, Screen Capture, Video Capture, and More
SnagIt Screen Capture (graphic) Using SnagIt, you can select and capture anything on your screen, then easily add text, arrows, or effects, and save the capture to a file or share it immediately by e-mail or IM.  Capture and share an article, image, or Web page directly from your screen. Or, capture and share any part of any application that runs on your PC. Try SnagIt today, and you’ll immediately notice all the ways it makes your daily tasks much more efficient and enjoyable.

SnagIt8 fromwww.techsmith.com

Image, Video and Presentation Product (better than ICE Presenter)
Camtasia Studio Presentation (graphic) Camtasia Studio gives you the power to easily record your screen, PowerPoint presentations, voice, and Web camera video to create compelling video tutorials, training presentations, and rich sales demonstrations for Web and CD-ROM delivery.

Camtasia Studio fromwww.techsmith.com

Index Notification, Google

Want to be notified when the Google, MSN, and Yahoo! search engines crawl your Web site? What if you could be told which pages the search engines index? This really cool tool also keeps a history of all of the pages indexed, and the folks at this helpful Web site will even install it totally free of charge! WOW!

IP Address Checker

Doesn't take much explanation on this one, does it? If you ever need to know your IP address, this neat little online tool will answer the question for you.

Keyword Analyzer

Keyword Analyser will read the page you specify and give a report on what words are used, and how many times they are used.

Keyword Density

This tool will analyze your chosen URL and return a table of keyword density values for one, two, or three word key terms. In an attempt to mimic the function of search engines spiders, it will filter out common stop words (since these will likely be equally ignored by search engines), it will avoid filtering out stop words in the middle of a term (for example: 'designing with CSS' would get through, even though 'with' is a stop-word).

Keyword Optimizer

This tool is designed for anyone who works with large lists of keywords/key terms (e.g. SEO's, pay-per-click subscribers, etc). Paste in your list of key terms and this tool will remove any duplicate entries. It will also re-order the list alphabetically, saving you the time of manually editing your list.

Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking Tool - This utility can be used to check search engines for keyword ranking and track search engine ranking for your various keywords over time, which, as you probably know, is critical when doing search engine optimization.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research Tool will help you research appropriate words and phrases to include in your webpage's body text to aid in promotion. Simply enter the sort of word of phrase you wish to be found under, and the tool will suggest some additional words and phrases you can think about using.

Keyword Suggestion

This is a handy little tool will show you the results of your query from both Wordtracker and Overture for determining which phrases are searched most often.

Enter a search phrase below to see how often it's searched for, as well as get suggestions for alternate (but similar) keywords.  Then, once you know the keywords you want to target, you can use our free keyword position tracking tool to monitor your placement progress.

Keyword Suggestion Google

The Keyword Suggestion tool for Google will help you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key term. Simply enter a key term and this tool will query information from several Google searches, which it will use to determine popular and re-occurring terms used by websites in the same industry.

The relevancy of a key term is determined by counting the number of times a given term occurs. You may notice that on occasions a term has a higher relevance than the term you entered. This is because it appears more often in Google searches related to your term than your input term does.  http://www.seochat.com/seo-tools/keyword-suggestions-google/

Keyword Suggestion Overture

The keyword suggestion tool will help you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key term. Simply enter a key term, and this tool will query information from the Overture database of searched terms. This tool will output a list of keyword suggestions, as well as the number of times that term has been searched for in the last month. http://www.seochat.com/seo-tools/keyword-suggestions-overture/ 

Keyword Tool

TheDowser - Overture Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Sandbox, Keyword Harvester, Google AdWords report analyzer, Google AdWords optimization tool, log file analyzer, conversion tracking and optimization tool.

Keyword Tumbler

KeywordTumbler - KeywordTumbler takes existing keyword phrases and generates multiple variations, reordering the words. This allows you to build a large keyword list in seconds.

Link Analyzer, Outbound

This tool will analyze a given web-page and return a table of data containing columns of outbound links, and their associated anchor text. If a hyperlink is represented by an image; the image's alt attribute will be included as the anchor text.   What are outbound links Outbound links are simply hyperlinks which point to another web-page. In fact they are simply regular hyper-links.

Link Checker

This tool will query all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Teoma) when you enter the 'link:' operator with your chosen URL. It will return the total link count for each URL.
You will notice that the totals vary greatly from search engine to search engine; this is because the figures shown represent the number of inbound-links that are known to that search engine (which will vary based on the size of their database). Most of the search engines (Google especially) also apply various filters against the inbound-links, therefore, some inbound-links may not be counted toward the total.

Link Extractor

Link Extractor will extract all the links from a web page you specify and list them.

Link Optimization

Optilink automates link popularity to a large extent. In addition to doing an excellent job in helping you determine the quality of sites that already link to you or might link to you, it also does the following:

i) analyzes the link structures of your top ranking competitors and tells you why they rank well, so that you can emulate the same tactics that your top ranking competitors are using.

ii) allows you to do "what if" analysis - it tells you what sort of rankings you can expect if you adopt a particular linking strategy.

iii) monitor the sites that you have exchanged links with to ensure that they are still linking to you and are linking to you the way you want them to.


Link Popularity

Link Popularity

Link Price Checker

This tools help you determine the appropriate sitewide link price per month for a given Website.  It determines the price by considering factors such as Backlinks, PageRank, Alexa Ranking etc.

Link Reputation

We know the importance of link popularity (the number and quality of inbound links pointing to our Web site). Equally important is link reputation - what those inbound links say about our Web site. In other words, link reputation is what is written in the link text, or the clickable text, pointing to our Web site. With this free link reputation tool, you can learn what other sites are saying about your Web site. 

Link Reputation

My favorite tool on this page is the Link Popularity Check. Enter your URL and up to three comparison URLs, and the site will let you know what your link popularity is in AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, Inktomi, and MSN. It also compares your site’s link popularity to other URLs you listed as well as other sites on the Net. The Search Engine Saturation tool determines how many pages a given search engine has in its index for your Web site. You can compare your site to five other sites with this tool. Finally, the Keyword Verification Tool checks to see if your page is in the top three pages of a search engine’s results for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.

Meta Analyzer

This tool will analyze a website's META tags. Although the use of META data is certainly in question, analyzing a competitors 'keyword' and 'description' META values is a good way to find ideas for keyterms, and effective copy for your website.

Keywords: This should contain a short list of keywords and terms related to your site. Generally they should be separated by a comma, but some people prefer not to use any sort of delimiter.

Description: This should be a brief description about your site, and what it offers. This is sometimes used by search engines as a websites 'snippet' for search results .

Optimization Improvement

Topword Tool - Topword Tool is a free online tool that analyzes a complete web page and counts keyword occurrences, as well as keyword phrases (number in brackets), equal to or above that set in the Minimum Occurrences setting. It supplies a list of keywords and keyword phrases which are most likely to achieve the highest rankings on a major search engine. The tool will also analyze your meta description/keyword and title tags and then, through color coding, inform you of words/phrases which should be included. The main use for this tool is checking your optimization and tweaking existing web sites to rank well.

Page Analysis

Click on Single Page, and the free service will analyze your Web page based on document structure, image syntax, table analysis, browser support, verify hyperlinks, and much more.
http://www2.imagiware.com/RxHTML/  Doctor HTML 

Page Simularity

It is known that a Search Engine penalizes when it determines that content of a page is duplicated somewhere else. This free tool allows you to determine the similarity between two pages.

PPC Bids Checker

The Top PPC Bids Checker allows you to query a number of PPC (Pay Per Click) engines to see what the top bids are for a certain keyword or phrase.

Rank Check

Google and Yahoo page rank checker


Rank Check After Optimization

Once you have optimized your site for the search engines, you will need to continuously check your site's rankings. We have found Agent Web Ranking to be the most reliable tool for telling us how our clients' sites rank in the search engines.

Rank Check or Position Check

The Search Engine Position Checker tool will automatically query the search engines you specify and check if your URL appears in the first 50 results for your chosen keywords. If the URL is present, it will output what position it occupies. As an additional feature, the tool also informs you if any other URLs from your domain appear in the search results.

AltaVista, Excite, Google, Yahoo, HotBot, MSN, WiseNut, AlltheWeb, and Teoma.

Rank in 12 SEs

Plug in your URL and your keyword phrase, and you'll quickly learn your rankings across 12 major search engines in a minute or two. Pretty slick!

Rewrite Generator

Our mod_rewrite RewriteRule generator will take a dynamic url given to it, and generate the correct syntax to place in a .htaccess file to allow the url to be rewritten in a spiderable format. The apache module mod_rewrite converts urls in a certain format to another format, and can be very useful in helping a site with dynamic content to be indexed. For more information on mod_rewrite, <a href="http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_rewrite.html" target="_blank">visit the apache documentation site</a>

Screen Size Tester

Have you ever been to a Web site and not been able to scroll to the bottom of the page? The scroll bar is there, but you can’t get down that far to scroll. It’s not a pleasant experience. At the Screen Size Tester, you can test your Web pages in different screen resolutions so that you can be assured that all of your visitors can view your site in its entirety.


Do you think that 28,959 resources in over 1,000 categories will keep you busy for a while? Someone asked about counters and log analyzers. This site has quite a list to choose from. Enjoy!


Dynamic Drive offers original dynamic scripts (DHTML) and a JavaScript code library, including calendars, mouseover images, DHTML games, scrollers, etc.

Scripts, JavaScript

If you're looking for some simple javascript codes to spice up your web site, you've come to the right place. You will find a variety of javascript code snippets below. Simply click on the links and copy and paste the codes into your web page according to the instructions.

Search Engine Relationship Chart

By far, the best chart to show the relationships between the search engines and directories is Bruce Clay's. He does a tremendous job of keeping it up to date, and you can even download a copy as a PDF.

Search Engine Relationship Chart

This cool chart shows the relationships between the various search engines and directories. Click on any search engine, and you’ll see which search engines/directories supply results back and forth to that engine. It loads extremely fast, even with a 56K modem, and it’s up to date. Very impressive.

Search Engine Relationships

This cool chart shows the relationships between the various search engines and directories. Click on any search engine, and you’ll see which search engines/directories supply results back and forth to that engine. It loads extremely fast, even with a 56K modem, and it’s up to date. Very impressive.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

This tool displays the text & links that the Search Engine would see when it crawls a page.

Search Engine Visibility Reports

The SEI Report will automatically track your visibility every month and allow you to chart increases or decreases in rankings for individual keywords as well as your overall site visibility over time. You don’t have to do a thing!


Gibson Research Corporation offers a really neat (and free) tool for checking the security of your computer: ShieldsUp. Scroll down on the page to the Hot Spots area, where you’ll find the link to ShieldsUp. Be sure to go through each of the checks in the ShieldsUp section (File Sharing, Common Ports, etc.).


This very cool tool lets you find out how secure your Web site is. When I first used it, it found more holes in the security of my Web site than the laws allows, and I promptly changed to a different hosting company!

Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator strips out the HTML tags from the page you specify and shows you how the page would look to search engine spiders.

Templates, Snippets, and Layouts


Traffic Rank

Traffic Rank

Traffic Rank

Use the Traffic Estimate tool to find out approximately how much traffic a website gets by entering the address of the web site.

Traffic Rank

Enter the site URL to get a rank.  Nice table showing the top ranked sites with links to the site, trust, etc.

URL Info

URLinfo is a “tool for handling Web pages,” and it includes 107 tools that you can use to dig for information on a URL. You'll be there for hours, so grab a sandwich and a cup of coffee and get ready! There are more nooks and crannies to this site than you can possibly imagine.

Useability Testing
Morae Usability Testing (graphic) Morae records real-world actions, such as user speech and facial expressions, along with detailed application and computer system data to give usability professionals a unique view into the way that software and Web sites are seen and experienced.

Morae fromwww.techsmith.com

Web Resources

Resources of all Types, Freeware, more . . .

Webmaster Resources

If you're looking for some quality webmaster resources, look no further. The following resources will assist you in your web design and development endeavors.

Who Is Lookup?

Powerful domain and IP whois lookup.


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