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Evaluation Tools For Search Engine Marketers

Interested in doing some research on your web pages?  We've compiled a list of very useful and "free" tools for you to use.  We encourage you to check your pages.  You won't become an expert overnight, but you will get a "taste" of whether your site is free of code errors, and what your pages might look like to a search engine spider.  And more . . .


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Page Rank Checking Tool
Check Google Page Rank of any web site page instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service.  Google™ search engine and PageRank™ algorithm are the trademarks of Google Inc.

Keyword Density Analyzer
Free Keyword Density Analyzer
Enter URL-1:
Enter URL-2:
Enter Keyword or Keyphrase:
Case Sensitive:
Check the # of sites linking to a URL at
Link Reputation Tool Find out what other sites are saying in the text linking to your site.  Go to
Estimate Traffic to a Web Site at
Check Alexa Traffic Rank at
Search Engine Spider Simulator See what a Search Engine sees about your pages at
Find the Relationship between Search Engines Search Engine Relationship Chart by Bruce Clay at
Look up an Unfamiliar IT word or Acronym What at
Check HTML code of any Web Page at
Analyze your web page structure and more Doctor HTML at
Find Your IP Address Determine your IP Address at
DNS Reverse IP Find your host name from your IP Address at
Check Your Computer's Security A free tool for checking the security of your computer fromGibson Research.  Scroll down on the page to the Hot Spots area, where you’ll find the link to ShieldsUp. Be sure to go through each of the checks in the ShieldsUp section (File Sharing, Common Ports, etc.).

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