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Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization); What It Is

Also known as Organic SEO, this is the process of developing the a business's visibility on the Internet through rigorous design principles in the html coding, site navigation, and words of a web site (Titles, Keywords, MetaTags, Relevant Content, Keyword Density, etc.)  Generally a top listing means a rank within the top 30 placements of various search engines.  Each engine’s rank may be different, and usually a submission to the top 6 engines is adequate to cover more than 95% or more of Internet traffic.   

Accepted practices include the use of Gateway Information pages, optimized content, multiple keyword submissions, minimizing the use of Flash, and eliminated the use of “framed web sites”. 

Quarterly, or monthly follow-up may be needed to maintain listings – once achieved.

Listings appear in the center to left of center of a Search Engine report. 

This practice may be referred to as the “free listing”, or “hard-earned listing”, or the “purist’s listing”.   Results tend to be long-term (3 to 6 months, or more), and ROI is considered by many to be the most attractive of Internet Marketing tools.

The table at right shows the shows how searchers use Natural vs. Paid Search.  Differences vary significantly among engines.

For more info, go to:   Results    Why Both?

Engine Natural (%) Paid (%)  
All Engines 60.5 39.5

Source:  ClickZ Experts and OneUpWeb

Google 72.3 27.7
Yahoo! (Engine) 60.8 39.2
AOL 50.0 50.0
MSN 28.8 50.0

Many companies engaged in SEO resist investing in Paid Search.  And many companies investing in Paid Search are not yet pursuing an SEO strategy.  One has to work AT SEO and WITH Paid Search.

These characteristics describe SEO: 

Researching a PPC Program


Example of Google Search for Millwork in Illinois

  • Can be thought of an "infrastructure" investment for your site

  • Involves a one-time fee and minimal monthly outlay

  • Time-consuming to implement, can mean recoding entire site

  • Can take months for results to kick in

  • No guarantees for a specific ranking

  • Targets a relatively low number of high-trafficked keyword phrases

  • Has the highest conversion rate and best ROI of any online marketing method

  • Highly ranked sites are perceived as being more credible

  • Over the long-term is much cheaper than pay-per-click

  • Produces long-lasting results – good optimization may last a year or more

Click on the thumbnail in the right column, and note that the natural listings for a Google search on "millwork Illinois" displays the listings on the left side.  This displayed position is common throughout search engines. 

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and How Does SEO Compare to PPC

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