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Local Search and Local Search Pay-Per-Click

As the name implies, Local Search are searches confined to an area of local interest.  A lot has happened in local search the past 24 months.  Local businesses are discovering the Internet more, and more and online spending for local advertising is surging.

Let us look at local search a little closer:  If one goes to Google or Yahoo and enters a keyword with a locality, i.e.  hospitals Chicago, the results displayed will not be purely local.  The search engine will return a mix of natural listings optimized for "hospitals" and "Chicago".  The online ads will return results where the advertiser has purchased keywords relating to both "hospitals'' and Chicago".  Some will be local, others will be from all over the US. 

Let's examine these search boxes:

Google Web Search Box

Google Local Search Box

The Google Web Search box is at the left.  The arrow indicates the Local Google Search box - which is shown at the left.

Yahoo! Web Search Box

Yahoo! Local Search Box

In similar manner, Yahoo! Engine displays their search boxes.

Therefore, to be sure one is getting only local results, the Local Search box should be used.  Google and Yahoo! are the major players in Local Search.  Ask Jeeves, Findwhat, and AOL are other providers.

Google's local search Pay-Per-Click program is called AdWords.  Yahoo's local search Pay-Per-Click program is called Yahoo Local Sponsored Search.  There are some significant differences in how searches are conducted by the search engines, and how paid advertisements are displayed in the search engine listings.

It is best to review your specific application with Northern Search Engine Marketing so that we may optimize the campaign for you.  Just provide your business information on our PPC form and we will gladly review your application.

Benefits of Local Search

While Local Search accounted for only $162 million of the search pie in 2004, The Kelsey Group estimates this will swell to $3.4 billion by 2009.  The growth of broadband the last 3 years has contributed to all online ad spending, and will continue to fuel the development of Local Search - according to many experts.  In July 2005, it was estimated that 25% of all online searches were local in nature.  We all need to find things like houses, dentists, doctors, and more. 

In another independent study posted in the McKinsey Quarterly, direct retailers with physical stores captured 52 percent of Internet sales in 2003, while those without stores garnered just 31 percent. Online retailing, says the report, generated $90 billion in revenues for US retailers in 2004, compared with just $8 billion in 1998. So the combination of a "brick-n-mortar" store front with online promotion provides a great formula for success.  Most of us can relate to this concept as we all may have shopped for a car online, and then went to a dealer to drive one - and maybe buy one.

Some industries have matured on the Internet, and Local Search advertising is too costly because they are competing with huge companies who have much larger marketing budgets.  But for many service oriented local businesses, this is not the case.  Online local search marketing can be much more cost effective than a national search campaign.  If you have a questions as to how Local Search might help your business, contact us through the Contact Us form on this site.

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