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Types of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Confusing?


This SEO Search Engine stuff looks tough!


Let's See - PPC or SEO.  What's IYP?

Search Engine Marketing can be a confusing and frustrating experience.  The whole SEM field is very dynamic.  About the time you think you understand it, it will change.  But it can also be the most cost effective way to get new business.  The more time, effort, or outsourcing your firm spends on SEO or SEM, the better and faster you will see results. 

If you're new to SEO or PPC or Local Search or Internet Yellow pages, there are of several main things to keep in mind.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is your best long-term investment.  It's hard and tedious to do.  Although it appears to cost a lot, it usually has the best ROI of all search programs.

  • PPC is for immediate traffic.  Get your web site "good enough" for PPC and try it.  As long as your return meets your ROI expectations, it's a worthwhile investment.  Cost of keywords can be a barrier, but focus on ROI.

  • PPC on a Local Search level can be a "golden nugget".  The costs of clicks vary dramatically by geography.  If your trying to use your web site to pull prospects to your store, then this is IT!

  • Don't ignore the Internet Yellow Pages and Local Directories as sources of traffic.  The investment is usually low.

  • Get your web site corrected if it has errors.  Be sure what you want to tell your visitors, and what you want to visitors to do when they do go to your site.  In other words, make your "Call to Action" very clear.

Read the pages on this site - especially the ones under this heading.  Browse the newsletter feeds.  Read the excellent "down-to-earth" articles by Wilson Web.  Good Luck!  And please beginning moving your business to eBusiness!


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