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Online Business Evaluation (OBE)
An Explanation
Developing a totally new Internet presence for a business , or drastically revising an existing presence should be a planned process.  Your Internet presence should be a major subset of your overall marketing plan.  You marketing plan should be a subset of your business plan.

At First Webs, we believe developing an Internet presence that will not help your business profitability is a waste of resources.  It's a waste of your resources and a waste of the Internet developer's resources!

Sadly, that is the way many, many web sites are brought online today.  There is a tendency to worry about cost far before the return on investment to the business is considered.  Certainly if it is not within "the budget", then it shouldn't be done.  Or it should be considered as an investment, and funds secured for development.    Which brings up the point:  "A business web site is not a cost; it is an investment".  An expenditure on a web presence that doesn't help ones business is a 100% waste. 

There is a saying "Don't just build a web site; build a business instead!"  Pre-planning a project is a lot easier than redoing the project, or having you pay monthly on an investment that returns little or nothing.  At First Webs, we have spent years training ourselves in business, in web design, and in Internet Marketing so we can help YOU determine what type of web presence will help your business.  We don't have all the answers, and some answers might be gray.  But we start by asking questions.  Your answers to those questions will certainly tell us WHAT NOT TO SUGGEST.

We have developed the 3 part Online Business Evaluation (OBE) form for the purpose of gathering information on your business.  That information forms the basis of an Internet presence for you.  You do not have to use it all, but if you don't answer any of the questions, it isn't likely we can help you.  A new Internet presence is a blank sheet of paper with infinite possibilities.  We narrow the possibilities by understanding your needs and your priorities.  Your completed form allows us to do just that!

The OBE is presented in 3 parts.  That's because we prefer you submit online, and there is no way we wish to save a partially completed form so you can work on it later.  Each form is available in PDF file on this site.  Download the PDFs, review the questions,  and then go back online and submit the data.  Or write your answers on the printed PDFs and mail it to us.  Fill out as many questions as you are able and that apply to you.  We'll take it from there!

Online Business Evaluation (OBE)

Part 1.  Deals w Business Type and Target Market Questions View Form Download PDF
Part 2.  Deals w Communication Questions, Customer Service, etc. View Form Download PDF
Part 3.  Deals w Internet Applications Related to New Site Design View Form Download PDF


Internet Marketing Analysis (IMA)
An Explanation
The IMA can be considered a first step in the redesign of a site when a business owner wants to get more business via the Internet.  That usually means Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or a combination of both are being planned.  The IMA also allows us to closely examine competitive sites for similar or related keywords with the purpose of "reverse engineering" the competitors ranking process.  To complete an IMA properly, we must focus on keywords/keyphrases, clearly defined target markets, and business objectives.
The IMA is "research oriented" and is almost identical to Part 1 of the Online Business Evaluation (OBE).  We've shortened it a bit just to make a distinction.
The IMA may indicate other changes needed to an existing web site.  On a new site, the IMA will help define site structure because we are looking at how competitors have designed their sites, navigation flow, and rich content that has permitted them to get good rankings.  An end result of an IMA is usually a design/cost proposal to correct design flaws on an existing site, or a design/cost proposal to launch a new site.
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