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Emergency SEO: What It Is!

Many business web sites have not considered the importance of titles, description metatags, and headings in their site design.  Their search rank, or whether they rank at all, is purely left to chance by what the Search Engine sees.  The ER SEO program is a short term improvement in site design that helps a business site obtain a fighting chance of being indexed properly.

The program includes:

  • adding relevant page titles to those pages you deem important to be indexed

  • writing content rich description meta tags for those pages

  • adding headings wherever possible

  • adding keyword meta tags which you supply based on the business purpose of your site

  • adding alternate text to images with appropriate descriptions including keywords, if practical

  • validating the html code of the page and letting you know what might impede the search engine from indexing the page

This program does not:

  • substitute for a fully optimized SEO program

  • include detailed keyword research.  The site owner supplies a list of keywords.

  • include manual or expression submissions to search engines. The indexing schedule is determined by the search engines.

Most search engines do a "deep crawl" or an index monthly.  A site crawled should experience improvement in ranking within 4-8 weeks.

Why is this an Important Program?  As in any Emergency Room treatment, the degree of improvement is only measured after the diagnosis, and following treatment.  This program will: 

  • improve the professionalism of your site by having consistent titles, descriptions, and headings.  Title is the most important aspect of web page design in order to score well on most search engines.  The Title is what is displayed in the search results when a keyword is searched.  "Keyword rich" headings give the Search Engines as well you, the visitors, important clues as to what the page is about.

  • set a benchmark for where your business ranks before fundamental SEO principles are applied.  It can set the stage for a future SEO program where keyword specific research is applied, and very specific content rich pages are developed.

  • provide valuable traffic analysis that an SEO professional can use in fully optimizing your site at a future time.

  • prepare your site for adding PPC (Pay-Per-Click) online advertising.  Pay-Per-Click will generate immediate traffic to your site, and your SEO professional can then use the traffic reports from the PPC campaign to help in a full SEO optimized program.

For price and description of work, see the ERSEO Product Table.


Does Your Site Have These Symptoms?

 Emergency SEO

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Site is AWOL

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Owner Stares
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