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What Does an SEO Company Really Do?

Have you felt like SEO employees just sit in their office and do marvelous "tweaks" to get sites listed? 

Actually, a professional SEO company has a disciplined technique to help web site owners.  They all vary.  This is what First Webs does?

  • We look for qualified prospects interested in growing their business by either increasing sales, reducing cost, or doing some of both. After qualifying, we perform a business analysis to evaluate the performance of their web site.  We ask a series of questions.  What are they trying to do, how is it working, are they aware of these opportunities, how do they measure what they are doing, and many more.

  • To optimize a site, a business must have an effective web site.  The prospect or Client must perform a complete analysis of the current site - page-by-page.  If this is not done, there is really no sound basis for going forward with an SEO program.  If this process can not be done, either for financial or contractual reasons, then possibly Pay Per Click (PPC) might be the only available option.  Even with PPC, landing pages must be closely scrutinized to insure conversions. 

  • Working with the Client or prospect, we identify words which are appropriate to the business.  This process includes all kinds of words and phrases.  We analyze those words and see if they will help you get traffic.  This is called keyword research.  The number and types of words are based on the business.

  • We run targeted keyword and ranking reports.  We compare where you are today vs. the keywords you might or should have.

  • We look at the web sites of your competitors and the top performers in your industry.  We conduct an analysis of the leading business that may include site structure, titles, descriptions, content, links, and so on.

  • We analyze the content of your site.  We see if the keywords are in the right places, with the right count, and with the right prominence. 

  • We look at other elements of your site.  Do you have Flash content that is impeding the search process?  Do you use frames?  How is your code organized?  What would your site look like if it was viewed by Google's spider, or any other search engines spider.  Should be validate the HTML code.  In other words, is the coding good enough for spiders?  Or are spiders stopped "dead in their tracks" by errors on your site.

  • We discuss who should be linking to your site.  This is called Link Popularity and Link Relevance.  How popular is your site to other people?  And how well-related are the businesses that link to your site. 

  • Based on your desire to build traffic, we research how to get you more inbound links using blogs, press releases, and other legitimate means.

  • We complete the SEO analysis, document the report and review the findings with you.

  • We work with you (or your web developer) to implement HTML or site changes needed to implement the SEO program.

  • We make optimized page submissions to the search engines we agreed on.

  • Depending on your project, we follow-up on the listing process to check rank.

  • Depending on your project we revise, add, delete, or change keywords based on the listing results.

The above process is typical for a complete SEO project.  All projects are different, and the actual steps may vary from business to business.

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