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Selecting a Search Engine Marketing Provider (SEM) for SEO;
Tips on How to

Sure you can do your own Search Engine Marketing.  Just browse the web and you will find more "how to" articles than you ever will have time to read.  And once you're knowledgeable, that will be all you need to know!  Right?  Well, not really.

If you can invest in a good SEO/SEM firm, by all means, do it.  It will be extremely difficult to stay abreast of the industry while trying to run a business.  But we do encourage you to subscribe to good SEO newsletters, and stay in contact with what is happening in the industry.  You have to know what to expect from your SEO firm, and you have to know what they expect from you.

There are false predators out there who will ask for exuberant fees for doing next to nothing.  We offer these tips to you in selecting a good SEO provider.

  • Reject companies that will offer a specific rank in a very narrow time period.  We don't know of anyone who can influence the search engines in that manner.

  • The provider you choose should be knowledgeable enough in html coding to implement the content changes needed on your web page.  If they can not do the changes themselves, they should be part of an organization that can.

  • Cooperate with your provider in reducing or eliminating heavy graphics, Flash, or framed sets if, in his/her judgment, they impede ranking.

  • Your provider should have the marketing skills to understand Internet Marketing, and the importance of a strategic plan, a marketing plan, and an Internet Marketing plan.

  • The person working on your search program should be good at research, and should be detail oriented with the ability to think laterally across many keywords and phrases.

  • Warning!  If you sense the use of doorway pages, cloaking, or other SEO Spamming tricks, do not do business with that firm.  The consequence of getting caught spamming is that your URL will be banned by the search engines, and you will have to start over.  Plus, you will lose all of your traffic. 

  • Know what you can afford to spend on Search Engine Marketing.  Work with your search provider to benchmark an ROI (Return on Investment). 

  • Your provider should subscribe to the ethical search conduct as outlined in SEMPO or other professional search agencies.

  • Your provider should demonstrate competence in web development and in search engine positioning.

  • Do not select your provider solely on the basis of the rank of his/her site.  Many search providers use their sites as resources, and do not need to have a very top ranking to run their businesses.

  • If possible, work with a local provider that you can get in touch with over lunch or a cup of coffee.

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