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Expectations an SEO (Search Engine Optimization
Provider) Has in Working With Clients

Search Engine Optimization is tedious and time consuming work.  Done correctly it can yield dramatic improvements in traffic, which can then be converted into sales and profit for the business.  To be effective, your SEO provider must have your total support.

  • Accept the fact that your site will have to change.  SEO providers are not magicians and can not wave a magic wand to make your site popular.  Besides, Search Engines are robots (computers).  They have no emotion and they can not like or dislike anything.  They just "read and spider".

  • If your SEO provider and Web Developer are not the same firm, and if the Web Developer is not following recommended changes, then get another Web Developer who will.  Many Web Developers do not understand how to make a business site "SEO friendly".

  • Don't ask your SEO provider to anything unethical.  It doesn't pay.  We will decline to work with organizations that expect unethical work.

  • Every business has a right to obtain a high ranking.  Despite your reputation or brand recognition, it is a level playing field. 

  • Make sure you're Marketing Staff knows a little about the search process.  Have them read and subscribe to SEO newsletter.  Teach them some basic html.  They need not be coding experts, but knowledge of html allows them to communicate with search experts. 

  • Make sure your IT Staff understands the marketing issues and trade-offs involved in selecting site architecture, URLs, and content.  If your IT Staff is responsible for site changes, then they must be knowledgeable about what changes will impact SEO Rank.

  • Provide ftp access or other type of authorization needed by your SEO provider to make web site changes.

  • Cooperate with your SEO provider in researching keywords, and in providing other business information that is strategic to the optimization process.

  • Work with your SEO provider to meet the agreed upon schedule. The provider can do little without your timely cooperation. Extended delays on the client's part disrupt the entire workflow of the SEO provider, and can lead to additional charges.

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SEO is Not Magic

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Don't Spam

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Cooperate.  It's a Team Effort.

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Work to Meet Schedules

129 So. Phelps Ave., Ste 908

Rockford, IL 61108


129 So. Phelps Ave., Ste 908

Rockford, IL 61108