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What Do We Do?    We help people make money by using the Internet. We help businesses get traffic to their site, which results in more sales.  W help businesses reduce costs.  Or we help the business execute a combination of traffic, sales, and cost reduction.

Clients we work with may have a web site, but are frustrated because it isn't making them any money.  The site may be hurting their business!  It isn't generating sales leads, and people can't find it when they search using major engines.  Possibly the owner is overwhelmed with all the possibilities being talked about (like SEO, PPC, Local Search, Social Media, RSS, Blogs, etc.)  They just want some help sorting out what works in their business.  Or, maybe their competitors are "beating them up" with a better web presence!


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Learn more about Internet Marketing and Local Search?  View this Educational Presentation  on Local Search, SEO, and more.

What Is Internet Marketing?  Internet Marketing (IM) is the process of attracting visitors to your site, and then converting those visitors into customers.  Internet Marketing is a sub-set of an  overall Marketing Plan - which addresses the overall Product Mix (the 4P's of marketing).  Internet Marketing performs these functions:

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puts your value proposition in front of people who are looking for your product or service . . . at the time they are looking.  MBA folks call this "Pull Marketing".  That is, prospects find YOU instead of YOU trying to find them.

Icon Illustrating Internet Marketing Points offers faster, lower cost lead generation.
Icon Illustrating Internet Marketing Points is 24/7. Internet Marketing never sleeps!
Icon Illustrating Internet Marketing Points keeps you in touch with your customers more often, and allows faster service.
Icon Illustrating Internet Marketing Points IS NOT done in a vacuum from traditional marketing means.  IM is a subset of your overall Marketing Plan, which is subset of your Business Plan!

Internet Marketing has these components:  (1) Strategy, (2) Promotion, i.e. Building traffic, (3) Conversion, and (4) Measuring and Correction. Internet Marketing is process, not a single event!

Studying for an Search Engine Marketing Project
Search Engine Meeting (SEO) in Process

Why Do You Think You Can Help My Business?  We believe there isn't a single business out there that could not be improved by using the Internet.  Some will be vastly improved; others less so.   It just depends on the business. We won't know if we help your specific business until we talk with you.  We will need to get information from you in order to understand your business.  If we feel we can't help you, we will let you know up-front.  You will be asked to invest 30 to 45 minutes with us so that we can determine if, and how, we may help you.  Some people want to jump right into products and price, but time upfront in qualifying each other pays dividends later. 

How Do You Work?  If you are a qualified prospect, we will arrange for an introductory meeting or phone conversation to get to know your business better.  The introductory meeting is normally complimentary.  After the introduction, we will perform background research using information you have given us.  Based on that research, we will arrange a follow-up meeting to confirm your needs and make sure we have considered them.  At that time, and based on the prior meetings, we would outline our expectations for continued work with you.  If you agree and wish to continue, we would develop a detailed proposal covering the scope, timing, and costs.

It's Hard to Understand What Your Industry Does? Yes, the industry has had its share of buzz words and technophobia. What we do is Internet Marketing (IM)! In simple terms, we help you: (1) Be Found on the Web using SEO, (2) Advertise online using Pay-Per-Click (PPC), (3) Advertise online locally with Google, Yahoo!, and with Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), (4) Make your web site "work" for your business.   If needed, we fix your web site so you will have your best chance at success. If you're not committed to maintaining your site, and tracking your results, online marketing may not be for you.


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