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More Sales Please

Every business needs customers, or more sales.  It doesn't matter if your a small 1 person business or a big corporation.  You want mores sales!

But how do you get more sales for your business? 

Internet Marketing Analysis - a Roadmap to More Sales

Roadway More Sales w Steps

Step 1:  An Internet Marketing Analysis of the business.

Step 2:  Review and discuss the Internet Marketing Analysis thoroughly with the business management team.

Step 3:  Write content for search engine optimization pages, landing pages, and online ads.

Step 4:  Create backlinks (if applicable).  Establish a blog on the site, if that applies.  Monitor the position of search optimized pages for select keyphrases at 3, 6, 9, 12 months.

Step 5: Ongoing maintenance to keep the optimized pages generating traffic for the locality, the region, or the "world"!

There are many things you could do.  Some will apply to your type of business and budget; some will not.  You could:

  • change your sales force
  • add mores sales people
  • increase your salespeople's motivation and/or maybe their compensation
  • do more networking
  • do more advertising
  • establish more long-term business relationships
  • lower your prices (maybe)
  • launch a new line of products, or add to your product line
  • learn new tips and selling strategies from professional sales coaches
  • do more direct mail
  • improve your branding to create more awareness
  • put up a web site, if you don't have one
  • fix your web site if it isn't getting you leads (called search engine optimization)

The list goes on.  Or you could take our roadmap to more sales!

What if people already interested in your products or services came directly to your business?  Would that produce more sales?

One approach is to send out 1000 direct mail pieces, have 20 people express an interest in you, and maybe close 5 of them (.5%).  Of course the numbers will vary by business.

Contrast that approach with 50 people coming directly to your business without you having to do anything (after you've invested in some hard work).  Of those 50, maybe you could close 25 of them.  Or maybe 25 come directly to you initially, and you close 5 of them in the selling process.  The numbers will vary, of course, based on your industry, your business, and the size of the your business. 

What we're talking about here is search engine optimization, also called seo, search engine marketing, organic search, and natural search.  It's part of bigger process of Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is the process of critically evaluating your business, and determining what words or phrases should be used to describe what your business does against what searchers are actually using in Google, Yahoo, ASK, and MSN.  If there is a good match, then the next step is designing your web pages so that they will be visible to the searchers looking for what your business provides.  Search engine optimization sounds simple, but it is a disciplined and tedious process.  So how does a business begin the process of search engine optimization towards the bigger goal of Internet marketing?  We begin with an Internet Marketing Analysis, or IMA.

Want to learn more, click on getting started with Internet Marketing.


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