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Getting Started with Internet Marketing; the Roadmap to More Sales

Internet Marketing Roadmap to World

More Sales; More Money in Hand


Step 1 To begin the process of Internet marketing, we need information about your business.  To get that information, we either meet with you or you may supply it online via our online business forms.  Please read about the information collected in our online business evaluation process.
Step 2 Upon receipt of your company information, First Webs, Inc. begins the process of keyword research, analysis of your current site (if you have one), competitive analysis, evaluation of linking structure, and more.

Upon completion of the research, a professional report is presented to you disclosing our findings.  The report is customized for your business.  Click the following link for an example of an Internet Marketing report for a cardiology firm.  Other examples are found in the case studies area.

Step 3 Upon review and adjustments to the Internet Marketing analysis, First Webs, Inc. proceeds with the design of the site pages, redesign of the pages if that applies, and/or any online advertising programs that you had expressed an interest in launching in the short term.  New or redesigned pages are published to your web server, and initial ranking reports are generated to establish a baseline for measuring ranking results.
Step 4 While the site pages are being indexed, we proceed with creating backlinks to your site as discussed in the Internet Marketing analysis.  Backlinks are essential to getting your site properly ranked, especially within Google. 

If your business could benefit from a blog and that is part of the your program, we set up your blog at this stage.

Ranking reports and site traffic are monitored for periods of 3 months through 12 months.  Time frames will vary based on your situation as discussed with you in the Internet Marketing analysis of Step 2.

Step 5  At this stage, you're site should be generating traffic and your return-on-investment (ROI) should be clear.  The landscape of the Internet and search engine optimization is ever-changing.  Should you wish to continue using our consulting, we would be happy to work out an agreeable program.

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