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Why Does Internet Marketing Work?

In the selling process today, the sales person no longer sets the agenda. The Buyers are in control!

Buyers are more informed than ever before. Buyers use the Internet to compare products/services, to ask questions, to find out what other people are buying, and to compare competitors. They want to buy what they want to buy, and when they want to buy it. Buyers do not want to be hunted down; they want to, well, "Buy".

Prospects come from the Internet even though they may never have heard of you. It is your responsibility to present them with a compelling value proposition that speaks to their needs.Once they believe you can speak to their needs (i.e. take away their pain), they will want to know if you are easy to do business with according to their terms. They may want to do business quickly; they may want to wait. If your business does not have the value proposition in place, and does not have the tools to allow them to buy, they will go elsewhere. It is either your door, or the doorway of the competition!

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Internet marketing works because it sends relevant visitors to your web site and converts those visitors from prospects to buyers. How is this accomplished?

  • By developing a business strategy that is based fundamentally on your overall business plan, and your marketing plan.

  • By combining traditional marketing means with Internet marketing means at every stage possible.

  • By driving traffic to your site utilizing solid SEO fundamentals.

  • By converting visitors to prospects with great web site content.

  • By tracking and analyzing visitor behavior and making adjustments. (Continuous Improvement Process).

How Do I Know If Search Marketing Will Help My Business?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the kinds of products and services I market searched for on the Internet?

  • If so, when prospects search - will they find my site?

  • If they find my site, will they have compelling reason's to begin a relationship with my company?

  • Does my current Internet solution provide me with a steady stream of leads?

If you answered "No" to the first question, there are most likely very good reasons for that situation.  The main one would be that your product/service simply is not in demand, or there is a very limited market.  We can't help you if no one wants your products or services. 

Another reason might be that your products may not be sold on the Internet because of logistical limitations, illegalities, etc.  The Internet still may be very valid in situations where information needs to be communicated, research needs to be conducted, or awareness needs to be created.

If you answered "Yes" to the first question, and "No" to at least one of the remaining 3, then we very likely can help your business get more sales or save cost.  A 30 minute to 45 minute introductory meeting is required for us to learn more about your business.  Our solutions are not for everyone, so at the end of that meeting we will let you know if and how we might help you. 

To arrange a meeting, please submit the your contact information on the contact us form.


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