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Use Email Marketing as Part of My Internet Marketing Mix!

Facts About EMail Marketing

Email Marketing Is The Most Cost-Effective Form Of Direct Marketing

Permission based email allows you to send your message to those people who have asked for it (Opted-In).  Most Internet marketers agree that the cost is a fraction of direct mail - up to 5 times more cost-effective than direct mail and 20 times more cost-effective than Banner Advertising.

Email Marketing Generates Immediate Results

You can track results immediately, make changes to your campaign, and measure your progress throughout the email marketing campaign.  Many other forms of direct marketing can take weeks, even months to design and execute.

Email Marketing Is Versatile, Giving You Answers in Real Time!

Track results and evaluate response rates on different types of programs to different target audiences.  You can easily change your offer, your subject line, and your audience.  Today's email campaigns can efficiently track bounces, opens, and click-thru. 

Email Marketing Produces High Response Rates

Web site "Be-Found" strategies and permission based email together produce superior results.  Each person receiving your email has expressed an interest in your products or services.

Email Advertising Is Very Targeted

Email advertising messages are sent to 100% Double Opt-In customers who have specifically requested to receive your email advertising offer on your unique products and services.

Email Marketing Can be Highly Interactive

Email can be a key part of your prospecting efforts. The goal is using email to build on relationships established and trying to foster that relationship and permission through other channels. The interactive nature of e-mail often makes it the best method to maintain relationships regardless of how or where that relationship started.

What NOT TO DO When Using Email Marketing

  • Do Not send unwarranted or unsolicited emails.  This is clearly Spam.

  • Do Not use your email opt-in list as license to send irrelevant materials.  Flooding people with things they do not want will quickly get you rejected.

  • Do remember every touch point matters and each leaves a perception from your customers -  either positive or negative.

  • Do remember to integrate your email efforts with traditional marketing means. If you have a retail location, ask people to fill out a form or card, such as a customer feedback card, or ask them to visit your Web site, where they can sign up to receive your coupon, newsletter, or promotions.  When mixing media, it's important to bring your brand strategy and execution together. Carefully integrate offline and online efforts.

  • Do find new customers by advertising on a local or target search engine. There are an increasing number of local or target search engines that you can use to drive traffic to your Web site.

  • Do comply with all aspects of the CAN-SPAM act.

  • Do HAVE FUN with email.  It is exciting to use.

Email Marketing as Part of Internet Marketing Mix

The CAN-SPAM; How Has the Act Affected Email Marketing?

Can of SPAM

In December, 2003 the CAN SPAM legislation was enacted to be put in effect January 1, 2004.  Here are the findings by Pew Internet Report on Spam as of May 31, 2005.

  • 53% of email marketing users say Spam has made them less trusting of email, compared to 62% a year ago.

  • 22% of email marketing users say that Spam has reduced their overall use of email, compared to 29% a year ago.

  • 67% of email marketing users say Spam has made being online unpleasant or annoying, compared to 77% a year ago.

In general, email users are receiving slightly more Spam than before, but they are minding it less. Fewer email users now say that Spam is undermining their trust in email.  View PEW Report in pdf.

View Federal CAN-SPAM Act:  http://www.spamlaws.com/federal/can-spam.shtml

View Direct Marketing Association pdf on CAN SPAM Act.


Why Have Us Help With Email Marketing?

There are many excellent sources on the Internet for subscription based email marketing.  We like to believe we can offer significant advantages.  Here are a few of them.

  • We combine your html email marketing with your web site.  There are no costs to add additional subscribers or grow your campaign.  It's all part of our Internet Solution.

  • We can offer branded templates that do not require the presence of another firm's logo.  This enhances your image and promotes brand awareness without negative effects.

  • We can integrate your email marketing with Search, Local Search and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.  This will increase your opt-in performance.

  • Our email opt-in forms are integrated with your web site, and the data is all saved for you to do follow-up marketing.

  • You can design and compose your emails within the same excellent Content Editor that allows you to make your own web site changes.  Learn only one system, and make site changes to complement your email marketing - and vice-a-versa.

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