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SEO and the 4 Components of Internet Marketing

Strategy for Internet Marketing; A Chess Game

Promotion for Internet Marketing; Is it a Megaphone?

Conversions!  Touchdowns in Internet Marketing

Traffic Reports; Web Analystics in Internet Marketing

Have an SEO Strategy


Conversion from SEO


Have a business plan and follow it. Get qualified traffic from SEO efforts Get Visitors to take the action you want them to take! Measuring what works; Understanding why; Use Continuous improvement.
Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Who is your target audience(s) for SEO?

  • What are their online behaviors?

  • How will you encourage them to visit?

  • What action do you want them to take when there?

  • What methods can you use to get them to take action?

Site Promotion
  • How can I get traffic to the site?

  • Should I use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  • Should I use Paid Search (PPC, Placement or Paid Inclusion)?

  • Should I use both SEO and PPC?

  • Are Local Directories a source for leads.

  • What am I doing in Print Yellow Pages? In Internet Yellow Pages?

  • Now that I'm receiving traffic, is my action or actions working?

  • What conversion rate should I target for my business.

  • What do I do if traffic does not meet expectations?  How can I improve conversion?

  • What do I do if I get more traffic and more conversion that I planned for?  Do I have the systems in place to deal with the increased business?

Measurement and Adjusting (Web Analytics)
  • What groups of visitor am I getting?

  • What search engines are they coming from?  Why?

  • What is my ROI for each major action?

  • Which PPC keywords and descriptions are working?

  • Should I adjust my SEO strategy?


Putting the Components Together

  • Be sure your Internet Marketing strategy reinforces your business goals.

  • Target your audience(s) carefully.

  • Use all practical and affordable means to get traffic to your site.

  • Convert your visitors by having them opt-in to a program.  Offer something of value.

  • Set up different pages for different types of target audiences, if needed.

  • Measure and analyze your traffic data.  Make adjusts to your SEO program.

Internet Marketing versus Traditional Marketing


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