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Email Marketing Programs

First Webs, Inc. is a business partner with Email Marketing leader Constant Contact (CC).  We encourage every business to use the excellent tutorials and guides on email marketing provided by CC.  If your business is in need of a local search strategy using Internet Marketing and an email marketing program, First Webs can help you establish both.  If you believe you may need assistance in using CC , you must sign-up with us by using our partner site.  CC does not provide complementary assistance on customizing HTML email marketing programs.

There are 2 ways to signup.   

Set-up and Generate Your Own Program:  Go to http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp?pn=firstwebs.  and set up your Free 60 day trial account. Browse the CC site and build your first email marketing campaign.  Upload your contact list, and enjoy email marketing.  Remember, by setting up your account in our partner site, we can help you later if you wish. 

Have First Webs,Inc.  Helps:  Usually done as part of a web development project, this approach is valuable when you do not wish to get into the details of designing templates for email marketing.  We will set the program up for you.  If email marketing is a new service for you, and you do have your site with us, send us the specifics of what you need done as outlined in the table belowl.  Also, send us your desired Username and your desired email Password.  We will then set up the email marketing account for you.  Services offered with First Webs include:

Description Cost* Required from You
Custom Design Email Marketing Template 1 @ $150
2 @ $300

Your business description, contact details, your company logo, preferred opt-out message, URL and a brief description of color schemes you prefer.
Upload your Contact list 500 names - $100
500+ to 1500-$125
>1500 names-$175
Your contact list must be in an Excel spreadsheet, or in an exported Outlook text or csv file.
Writing Email Marketing Campaigns Per Campaign What you want to say in MS Word, any images you have, or images you wish us to search for and implement in the campaign.
Internet Marketing Consulting Included No Charge if you are a web site client.  Otherwise, per quotation. Outline the specifics of your consulting needs.  Call us at 815.332.8062 or email us at vwwanner@nilsem.com outlining your needs and questions.
Email Marketing Pricing Pricing is established by Constant Contact based on your email list size.  First Webs has no control over Constant Contactís pricing.
List Size Monthly Fee
0 - 50 FREE
51 - 500 $15
501 - 2,500 $30
2,501 - 5,000 $50

Prices Subject to Change

* Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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