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Executive Summary for Paradise Vacation Travel Site

Objective:  To perform comprehensive research for 3 vacation travel sites (fictitiously identified as Paradise Vacation Travel) with the purpose of identifying keyword phrases to use in achieving high search engine rankings in Google, MSN, Yahoo, and ASK.  High search engine rankings are Top 30 rankings (in the first 30), but are not guaranteed rankings.

Client Supplied Data:

Description of Business:  Up-scale vacation travel for individuals, groups, and corporations.  Particular emphasis on all-inclusive travel arrangements, luxury travel, luxury river cruises, and adventure travel.  Has numerous affiliate relationships in the travel industry. 

Main Competitors:  Not provided

Target Audience 1:  luxury cruises (including river cruises) and luxury all-inclusive vacation packages

Target Audience 2:  adventure travel such as guided safaris or backcountry (outback in Australia) in places like Africa, Nepal, China, and Borneo

Target Audience 3:  group vacation travel will cater group and corporate travel

Strategic Findings:
  This industry is dominated by web sites that have a lot of pages indexed, have a lot of content, have well established back links, and have many sites that performed search engine optimization.  It will be difficult to compete for rankings against well established sites for the most popular search phrases.  Nevertheless, there is still plenty of opportunity in niche phrases and in providing content that is related, but not necessarily competing with the big sites.

Keywords/Keyword Phrases Identified:
Stated as follows and as summarized on Keyword Research Results page.

In spite of heavy competition, Paradise Vacation Travel should optimize for these keyword phrases:  adventure travel (1 page); all inclusive vacation and all inclusive vacations - but not all-inclusive vacation (s) (1 page for both phrases); all inclusive vacation package and all inclusive vacation packages (1 page for both); group travel and group travel packages (1 page for both); luxury cruise and luxury cruises (1 page for both), river cruise and river cruises (1 page for both).  The following is a screen capture of those phrases.

The second type of keyword phrases should be niche phrases as suggested the Keyword Research Results.  For example  "all inclusive vacation 'place'""river cruise 'place'", and "luxury cruise 'place'".  Select as many 'places' as you can that are in-line with your ability to do business on those phrases.  Those phrases are listed on the spreadsheets included with the details of this report.

The third type of keyword phrase should be from the peripheral phrases in a demographic areas such as "adult 'whatever'" provided they are not offensive, international travel, overseas travel, etc.

The fourth area of keyword phrases that will drive traffic to vacation site are educational phrases.  Examples are "how to pack for vacation", "travel tips", etc.  A list of frequently search phrases are on the spreadsheet. Those phrases will get visitors to your site, and then the site content will keep them there if the content is what they are looking for.

Search Optimization Strategy:
  The recommended strategy for Paradise Vacation Travel travel/vacation sites will be to develop content rich pages for highly targeted niche phrases, and to write educational content pages that will bring visitors to the site.  It is estimated 500 back-links will be a good target to obtain within 12 months of site launch.  Links from high traffic affiliate sites should be utilized as well.

  • pages should be informative, but not too heavy in text.  Visitors will not take time to read voluminous text.
  • employ highly descriptive title meta tags and description meta tags as per the Top 10 PDFs in this report.
  • Keep the content short and sweet with lots of images that describe the vacation paradise to the visitor.
  • due to the competitive nature of this business and the maturity of sites out there now - it will be difficult to get high Google rankings in anything less than 12 months.  That may extend to 18 months if back-linking is not addressed shortly upon launch of the sites.
  • back-links from *.edu sites would be extremely beneficial.
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) should be considered to develop short term traffic, and to test the long term effectiveness of the organic keyword phrases selected.
  • a web analytics program should be considered to monitor site visitor data,  and mine marketing data from the server.


Possible Domains: A number of possible domains were checked.  My suggestion's are:,,, and/or  See full suggestions researched by clicking on the image below.

Adding Page Content and Site Maintenance:

Paradise Vacation Travel will want to expand pages to more than 50 total for all 3 sites based on the findings of the keyword research.  The more content, the more the search engines will consider it a "worthy site".  Content should be added on a regular basis 3 to 5 pages at a time.  We recommend a schedule of every 2 weeks or so for page additions.

The more back-links to the sites, the higher the ranking potential in Google!  Therefore, Paradise Vacation Travel must create a back links programs where others link back to your site.  The back links must be generated in such a way that the link includes the keyword search term (called link-back text).  To spread potential page rank throughout the site, avoid linking to the home page of each site.  Instead, distribute the linking so that it covers 6-10 keywords for each site, and link back to the page that is optimized for that keyword.  This is a technique that will ultimately pay dividends in higher rankings because the page rank is more evenly distributed.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this Internet Marketing Analysis!


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