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Search Engine Optimization and the Online Business Evaluation

Search engine optimization (or being found) is tedious work.  The online business evaluation is a process by which we evaluate your search engine optimization and web site needs.  Without search engine optimization, your business site has no chance of ranking competitively on the Internet, and prospects will not find you.

The foundation of search engine optimization is good content.  The foundation of good content is a good understanding of the keywords that are drivers for your business.  So the first step in search engine optimization is to understand your business, and then to document your keywords.  The keywords have to be "right" for your business; keywords have to be words or phrases that people are using today.  It is pointless to provide search engine optimization for keywords that are not being searched on!  Some search engine spam artists might do so to fulfill a shabby guarantee, but reputable search engine optimization firms like First Webs, Inc. do not need to provide guarantees to obtain business.  To learn more about search engine optimization and guarantees, click on the link.

The collection of information to properly perform search engine optimization involves 3 online business evaluation forms.  All of them are important in understanding your business such that we can identify the keyword drivers, perform the applicable search engine optimization keyword research, and then put the search engine optimization content on the right pages.  All 3 of the forms lead to a proposal. Your help in filling them out correctly and thoroughly is very important in presenting your business with an Internet Marketing Analysis that will improve your profitability. 

In summary, the 3 Online Business Evaluation forms collect the following information:

The Online Business Evaluation Part 01 informs First Webs, Inc. about your company's markets, your strengths, your competition, how you generate new business today, and your level of interest in Internet online advertising.  Processing this form completely greatly assists First Webs, Inc. in determining web page content that will accurately promote your business in search engines.
The Online Business Evaluation Part 02 informs First Webs, Inc. about the role of customer service in your organization, and your need in communicating your message to the outside world.  Processing this form completely greatly assists First Webs, Inc. in evaluating whether the Internet could make your communications easier and better.
The Online Business Evaluation Part 03 helps First Webs, Inc. assess what web site packages are compatible with your business, page types and applications you may need for your business, and allows First Webs, Inc. to recommend a Site Editor that meets your web site needs and capabilities.  Your web site must be continually updated and maintained to keep good search engine optimization rankings.


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