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Online Business Evaluation (OBE) Part 3. Internet Applications

The online business evaluation that follows helps us assess what web site packages are compatible with your business, page types and applications you may need for your business, and allows us to recommend a Site Editor that meets your web site needs and capabilities.

For information on the need for this form, see the online business evaluation form explained.

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Your Full Name *

Your eMail Address *

How do you connect to the Internet now? Dial-up DSL/Cable Modem T1/Fractional Wireless
What Operating System platform are you using in your business?
PC     MAC     Linux     Unix   I don't know
What Operating System are you using for your PCs?

Include Windows or MAC, and Revision (2000, XT, XT Pro, Vista, W98)
What Browser are you using?
Typically IE6, IE7, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera, etc.
Do you wish to maintain *
your web site in-house?
Yes    No    I want to consider   I do not know
If you indicated "Yes", or "Consider" previously, briefly indicate your staff's familiarity and skill level with these programs.  These are to help us assess the level of Site Editor you may need.
Software Familiar With Skill Level 1-10
MS Word/Excel Yes   No
MS Publisher Yes   No
FrontPage/Dreamweaver Yes   No
Editing/Resizing Photos/Images Yes   No
Is there information you need to share confidentially with certain groups?
Yes    No    I need to think more about this!
Are you interested in posting job openings on your web site?
Yes    No
Does your business anticipate storing large documents on the web server. Examples might be accounting reports, technical drawings, architectural drawings, project files, schedules, medical records, and so on. If yes, briefly describe the type of document. If you can, provide a average files size and guesstimate number of files.
Yes    No     Possibly, I need more info on this.
Think of routine tasks that your business performs that might be handled electronically - in part or in total. 
List them 1 per line
Listed at right are some common web site page titles.  Check off any that you feel you need to have on your web site.
Company History Frequently Asked Questions
Owner Bios/Staff Bios Service News
Industry News Company Newsletter
Testimonials Event Calendar (Real Time)
Product News Links to Business Associates
Listed at right are several web site application modules.  Without putting limitations on them due to cost, please check off those that might be of interest to your business.  It is not necessary that you understand precisely what they are used for.
Flash Introduction Traffic Counters
Flash Images for Slide Shows or Training Cookies (to remember your visitors)
Panoramic Images (360) RSS Feeds from Authorities/Suppliers
Chat Room Photo Galleries (for projects, catalogs, etc.)
Guest Book Document Managers
List at least 1 URL and no more than 3 web sites that you like (not necessarily in your industry or a competitor).  These are web sites you like, you think are nicely designed, and that you would go back and visit again.
  1st Choice
  2nd Choice
3rd Choice
I wish to have my web site online by this date: 
Please make any comments or points you feel would be valuable in assessing your web site and Internet application needs.

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