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Online Business Evaluation (OBE) Part 2. Customer Service & Communication

The online business evaluation that follows informs us about the role of customer service in your organization, and your need in communicating your message to the outside world.  Processing this form completely greatly assists us in evaluating whether the Internet could make your communications easier and better.

For information on the need for this form, see the online business evaluation form explained.

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Your Full Name *

Your eMail Address *

Do You Have a Customer Service Dept. (CSD)? *   Yes    No   As Business I Am It
If Yes, How Many People Full Time 
How does your CSD Communicate with Customers?
In Person Phone
Internet Online FAX
Rate your CSD Dept's Effectiveness on a Scale 1-10 10 is Best
How do you primarily thank your customers? We Don't   In Person   Email   Card 
Phone Call     Other
How does your business actively solicit customer feedback? *
Field Surveys Telephone Surveys
Internet (Surveys, email, etc.) Mail In Cards
We Don't Solicit Feedback 3rd Party and/or Ad Agency
What are you most proud of regarding your business? And Why? *  
Has your business, you, or your employees received any notable awards or recognition?  If so, describe briefly.
List civic organizations, chambers, networking groups, or other local organizations your business is a member of.  List 1 organization per line.
Do you need to provide specific information to a  mailing list, supplier list, field sales, or
other group?

  Yes     No
If Yes, what group?  
How Often/Month? 
  About How Many in Group?
Do you have an audio or video message to communicate online?  What kind and what media?  Check all that apply.
  Audio     Video    Both  Neither
Marketing Message Company Intro Testimonial
Product Demo  Service/Repair Manual  Other
Please attach your company logo in a jpg or gif, if you have one.
  Keep file size small; less than 100K
Do you use an Ad Agency? * Yes    No    Firm Name (Optional)
What promotional or incentive programs does your business use for repeat buyers? Describe briefly.
May be like "Frequent Flyer", "Preferred Customer"
Please make any additional comments you wish to relative the above questions.

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