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Internet Marketing Analysis (IMA) Business Questions

Your Personal Full Name

Your Legal Business Name

Your eMail Address

URL of Your Company if you have URL, i.e.

If your business does not have a web site, do you have a domain registered?
  Registered      Not Registered
If registered, where is domain parked?  Places like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.
Describe Your Industry?

Describe Your Business?
25 Characters Minimum;
260 Characters Maximum

Who/Whom is your target market(s)  If more than 1 target market, list in order of importance.  Be concise and direct.  A common characteristic or demographic must identify a target market.

Examples of good target markets are "corporate executives", "teenagers", "baby boomers", "home owners", "IT departments", etc.  Examples that are not good target markets are "consumers", "old people", "anyone who needs printing", etc.  Narrow those down further!

List URLs of up to 3 online competitors (may be same as above if offline competitors are also online)

What are your business challenges?  Check any that apply to your business.
Industry Trends Customer Service Headaches
Sales Volume Too Low Keeping Costs Down
Order Fullfillment Difficult   Keeping Up w Growth
Personnel   Declining Sales
Price Competition   Able to Grow (Get Capital)
Other Other
From the previous question, prioritize and list your 2 biggest challenges
What forms of lead generation does your business use now?
Word-of-Mouth Past Clients Yellow Pages Book
Business Networking Newspaper Ads
Radio My Web Site (not paid)
Television Ads My Web Site (Paid Ads)
Magazines Billboards, Vehicles, Signs
Other Other

Referring to the previous question, what are 3 most productive means of generating leads today? Do you measure their effectiveness?

#1   Yes      No
#2   Yes      No
#3   Yes      No
Strictly Optional:  How much do you spend per month total on all lead generating activities?
Less than $100/month   $2500 and $5000
Around $500/month More than $5000
Around $1000/month More than $10,000
$1000 and $2500 About this much/month   $

My customer base is located where geographically?

No Limitations Geographically

Local Map 75 mile and 30 mile Radius

Your "Home" is (other than shown)?


Mostly National
Mostly Local w a little National
Local but as far as Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. (Area 75 Mile Radius)
Mostly Local Rockford MSA, an occasional Chicago Sale (Area 30 Mile Radius)
Local 75 miles (1hour from Home
Local 75 miles (1hour from Home
Describe the Products or Services your business will be selling online.  If not selling, say "Not Selling Online".
If Yes, About Many SKU's? 
If Yes, Guesstimated Annual Sales 
What words will prospects & customers use to find your products, services, or web site?  (These are the words that customers would type into Google, Yahoo, MSN)

Consider having 2-3 phrases for each of your target markets.

Target Market#1  
Target Market#1  
Target Market#1
Target Market#2
Target Market#2
Target Market#2
Target Market#3
Target Market#3
Target Market#3
If selling online, or generating traffic to your storefront from the Internet, which best describes your situation at right.
#1 I can build traffic and sales gradually over 12-18 months
#2 I need to have appreciable traffic in 6-8 months
#3 I need to have appreciable traffic in 90 days or so
#4 I need immediate traffic (2-3 weeks) and immediate sales
#5 I want an all-out effort both short term (2-3 weeks) and long term (12 months)
At right, select the option that best describes your current belief that the Internet will help your business's profitability?
1-3  I'm very skeptical
4-6  I think it will help a lot over time
7-10 It's the best way for me and I MUST move quickly
Are you familiar with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?  Have you used PPC?
Yes  Not Familiar  If Yes, Have You Used PPC?  Yes  No
Which PPC Campaign Used?  Google Yahoo Ask  IYP

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