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Internet Marketing Analysis Deliverables
(What First Webs, Inc. Delivers to Your Business Before Your Site Design or Site Redesign Begins)

The purpose of completing the Internet Marketing Analysis (IMA) is to understand how the business can market itself on the Internet using Natural (Organic) Search Engine Optimization.  The written analysis typically includes: 

Ø       Reviewing client site along with making recommendations on how to improve it with the objective of increasing client revenue or reducing costs.  The review includes a) user friendliness, b) navigation, c) “call-to-action”, d) html/mechanical errors, e) an opinion on the sites ability to convert visitors to the call-to-action. 

Ø       Reviewing client’s top 3 competitors for 2 main keyword phrases.   This analysis compares client’s business to that of  competitors, and evaluates the quality of competitor’s Internet presence.  Client supplies the URLs of the 3 competitors.  Client supplies the keyword phrases related to their business. 

Ø       Comparison of client’s web site and the web site of three competitors for inbound linking.  This report is presented in a Top 10 Analysis so client obtains the benefit of seeing top 10 competitors for each keyphrase, their inbound links, and other details. 

Ø       A search engine ranking report for Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live) on client’s current keyword phrases. 

Ø       Keyword research using sophisticated software tools to identify at least 10-12 top keywords or keyphrases that have the potential of generating traffic for client’s business.  Keywords or keyphrases will be ranked by potential traffic.  Research includes an overview of Pay-Per-Click ad costs and traffic potential. 

Ø       A formal report on the above listed deliverables with an executive summary.  A face-to-face review of the report with client, or an hour phone conversation if face-to-face is not possible.

Ø       A formal proposal with recommendations and associated costs for web site design changes, hosting changes, and search optimization work going forward to generate traffic and increase revenue for client’s business. 

The cost of an Internet Marketing Analysis starts at $599.  Costs may vary based on how much competitive analysis is needed to identify your target keywords, and the degree of competition in your industry.  Due to the time involved in completing such thorough research, payment is required up-front  The analysis is Confidential and is the Client’s to keep even if no further work is agreed to at the time the Internet Marketing report is presented.

To proceed with an Internet Marketing Analysis: 

  • You will have completed a phone conversation with or met with First Webs, Inc. during which time we discussed your business, your target market, and your competition. 

  • First Webs, Inc. responded to that meeting with an email confirming the customization of your IMA, the cost, and timing of the analysis. 

  • To proceed with the IMA, print and fill out this form.  Attach a copy of the confirming email you received along with a check and mail to First Webs, Inc. at the address below. 

  • Or complete the online form here and then make your payment online at this site.  Go to this payment page and submit your payment for the priced quoted in the email.  IMA codes are listed in the teal section of the payment page.

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