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Case Study Commercial Home Builder

Part I.  SE Visibility of "" Across Top 4 Search Engines

This analysis is for a true situation.  A custom home builder in the St. Louis area wanted to know what his exposure was on major search engines.  The name and URL of the firm has been changed to protect their privacy.

Keywords Used:  30 Related to Homes and Homebuilding in St. Louis Area new homes
home builder
new home builder
new construction
custom home builder
commercial builder
custom homes
house plans
home builders
homes for sale
houses for sale
St. Louis real estate
homes for sale
new homes St. Louis
home builder St. Louis
new home builder St. Louis
new construction St. Louis
custom home builder St. Louis
commercial builder St. Louis
custom homes St. Louis
house plans St. Louis
home builders St. Louis
homes for sale St. Louis
houses for sale St. Louis
St. Louis real estate St. Louis
homes for sale St. Louis
relocating St. Louis
relocation St. Louis

Not in first 30 means your Web site was not found in the top 30 positions. You may scan more matches by increasing Matches to Scan under the Mission Option Tab. NA means Non-Applicable or no prior day's positions to report yet. NM means No Matches were found for that keyword search.

There are no top rankings for Google, MSN, or Yahoo Engine. All Top Rankings are AskJeeves.

Screen Capture Commercial Builder Search Engine Visibility

Part II.  Keyword Analysis Report on My Homes

Screen Capture of Keyword Analysis for Commercial Builder

Part III.  Link Check Back to My Homes Home Page

Link Analysis for Commercial Builder Case Study

Part IV.  Google Rankings for Select Keywords

Using a tool called Monitor for Google, we determine what the search rankings are for each of the 30 keywords. If listed in Google in the top 30, our position will be noted in the left pane. If the left pane has no listing, then pages throughout the entire site can not be found in the top 30.

Highlighting the a keyword in the left pane will reveal the top 30 listings in the right pane for that keyword highlighted.

This listing is for the keyword “commercial builder” which is not specific to the St. Louis area. We would not expect to see a top 30 listing.

Screen Capture of Commericial Builder List

This listing is for the keyword “new home builder St. Louis” which is specific to both new homes and the St. Louis area. We would expect to see a top 30 listing! My Homes is not listed in the top 30.

Screen Capture of New Homes Builder List


Part V.  Researching Words That Might be Good in Google's AdWords PPC Program

With this report we able to determine the level of competition in Google and Overture (Yahoo) for online purchased keywords - called PPC. We are able to make quick judgments about the value of the keyword for attracting business to .

Screen Capture of Clever AdWords Results

Part VI.  What Does This Report Show Me and Of What Value Is It to My Business?

Executive Summary for My

Part I verifies that My Homes is not ranked in the top 30 in Google, MSN, or Yahoo Eng. These 3 engines account for about 91% of search traffic! My Homes is missing close to 100% of traffic for keywords that apply to their business.
In this quick exercise, we rapidly identified 30 potential keywords. Thorough research would most likely reveal many, more opportunities for words that describe My Home's business.
Part II shows that the home page of My Homes does not use good words to describe their business. The popular words in the text of the pages are not what interested prospects would use to find My Home's site.
We also see that Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords are missing or improperly used. These are often the #1 reasons for lack of web site traffic.
Part III measures the number of web site linking back to My Homes. While this is difficult to ascertain, the results across 3 searches are reasonably close. Two of the engines listed represent an insignificant amount of traffic. There is plenty or room for improvement here, and the results with more back links on Google would be the most dramatic!
Part IV proves that others are enjoying high rankings for the words that describe My Home's business.
Part V gives us a picture of how competitive Pay-Per-Click online advertising is. We see that, with just a few words tested, there is much competition, but that some of the words describing My Homes have great opportunity.
Combining the research of Parts I through V, First Webs believes there is significant opportunity to achieve new business from the Internet for My Homes within a 4 to 8 month period.

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