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Search Engine Optimization Guarantees

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The Search Engine Optimization industry has gone through a lot! There once was time when search engines were not so smart, and developers were ahead of the game. Back then, invisible text, invisible forms, cloaking, redirects, multiple submissions,  non-targeted keywords, and others were all used.  But now search engines are very smart.  Even if we wanted to practice Spamming, it wouldn't be wise.  Too much is at stake.

All of the Spamming has taken its toll.  Many businesses have been ripped off by slick operators who promised everything and delivered nothing.   Marketers needing to do search engine optimization are now fearful of organizations that promise results without written assurance.  So search engine optimization guarantees have become popular.  But are guarantees "worth" anything?  Well, in our opinion - they are not! 


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We feel that guarantees have complicated search engine work - even inflating the cost to the Marketer. This takes nothing away from the fact that search engine optimization work is tedious, detailed, and difficult.  You can do it yourself.  That is if you want to make it your full time job.  Expect less results than if you used a full-time experienced firm. 

What is our position on the search engine optimization guarantees of others?  Without evaluating each offer carefully, it is impossible to tell whether the guarantee adds value to the work.

  • Some companies claiming to be "ethical SEOs" offer to give you your money back if they don't obtain certain rankings.  Read the fine print.  Be sure the optimization is for a keyword people actually search on.  Also, be sure the promised ranking is with a top search engine.  Top rankings are useless if the search engine is not known.

  • No one controls the search engines except the search engines themselves.  So in a sense, every SEO firm has to do their best and then wait for the results.  Placements are neither predictable nor guaranteed. 

  • As professionals, we do our best to get you the results you ask for.  Guarantees don't change the process of search engine optimization.  And they really aren't needed.  Quality SEO professionals subscribe to the same thinking!

Nevertheless, we do find it necessary to offer a guarantee so that we do not appear to be offering less services when compared to "guaranteed suppliers". In most cases, our normal "value" search engine optimization process is all that you need.  If you wish to have the assurances of a guaranteed listing, please discuss your rational with us.

Our Pledge

We use proven tools and similar methodologies on all projects, i.e. just because you may not need a #1 ranking does not mean we will use an inferior search engine optimization processes.

We latest cost effective tools to help us evaluate your potential initially, and maintain your listing over time.

We will work in a systematic manner with approaches that have yielded results in the past.

We will optimize around the business needs for your listings.  The better you are able to work with us to define those needs - the more effective our optimization will be.

When you work with us, we will provide personal support and consultation on all aspects of your Internet presence. 

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